Our Story

The David Isaac Brand was realized in a dream. The vision: shoes should be as unique as the women who wear them.  

The first David Isaac New York collection, launched by its creator, Carlos David, debuted in 2005 with favorable reviews. As a result, the company soon added the companion brand David by David Isaac to its growing collections.

The David by David Isaac brand is known for its sensual style that exudes a bold sophistication that today‚Äôs modern women long for in a wardrobe. Our timeless styles, bold colors and unique material selections bring loyal clients and distributorships back each season.  Each David by David Isaac et al. collection continues to influence the fashion world with positive enthusiasm. 

We choose to create without guilt. Leather has a great feel. It is a beautiful material. But we can't ignore its origin. 

We have a better option. One that looks and feels just as good, but without cruelty. 

Thanks to the use of premium synthetic materials, we can craft quality footwear that will stand the test of time, in a greater variety of colors and finishes, at accessible costs - and most importantly, guilt-free.
We believe this is a better way.

Carlos David continues as the main designer for the David Isaac Brand.